Case Studies - Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry
Italian Chemical Company

European leader operating in the business of manufacturing of polymers and flocculants used in wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering and thickening with presence in Europe and United States of America, exploring entry in the Indian mining sector

Client Objectives

Client is a manufacturer of chemicals used in the mining sector during the extraction process as well as in the mineral bene!ciation process. Company wanted to understand the market potential for their products in the Indian mining sector.

T&A Approach: Market Intelligence
  • T&A conducted an in-depth research and analysis of the Indian mining sector with a specific focus on the chemicals used in the mineral extraction/bene!ciation process
  • Identified the major competitors - both domestic and international - operating in the Indian mining chemical sector including their product portfolio, pricing and distribution channels
  • Shortlisted various key players i.e. mine owners, distributors, potential customers, mining consultants and influencers
  • Company evaluating feasibility of conducting pilot projects for select companies in India