Case Studies - Clean Technology

Clean Technology
Association of Swiss Renewable Sector

European export promotion organisation, aiming to identify short to mid term Business Opportunities in the Indian Solar segment which can be presented to companies in the home country.

Client Objectives
  • To analyse and assess business opportunities for foreign companies in the Indian Renewable Energy sector
  • To identify tangible/sizeable project(s) in the Indian solar ecosystem wherein the foreign companies can participate or supply their products/services
T&A Approach: Market Intelligence
  • Overview of the Solar Energy sector in India with key emphasis on photovoltaic technology
  • Detailed value chain analysis of PV solar modules in India and assessment of opportunities for foreign companies in various stages of the value chain
  • Mapping of different stakeholders in the solar industry such as regulatory bodies, industry associations, public/private renewable energy companies
  • In-depth information on the key qualification criteria (technical eligibility criteria) for companies supplying product(s) to the Indian solar ecosystem
  • Research includes decision-making/ procurement process & timeline for a typical Solar PV plant construction
  • Information on various key permits required for a Solar PV plant during pre-construction, construction and commissioning
  • Information on various upcoming/awarded Solar projects in the Indian Solar eco-system
  • Trade Advisory Report with in-depth details of various upcoming/ recently awarded Solar projects of various developers submitted to the client
  • Details include the size of the project (proposed capacity), location, proposed technology, financial requirements and the implementation authority

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