Case Studies - Education Infrastructure

Education Infrastructure
European Flooring Manufacturer

European company involved in manufacturing high-quality flooring solutions for the education segment

Client Objectives
  • Quantitative study on the Indian Education market including market (structure & size), players (public and private), sales and distribution channels and projects that are available for quotation or tender
T&A Approach: Market Intelligence
  • Sectoral analysis across various education segments such as pre-school, K-12, Higher Education, Vocational Education and Coaching Institutes operating in the target cities i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata
  • To understand consumer needs and preferences for new flooring products in each of the above mentioned segments and determine the market potential for a high quality new product
  • To understand various types of flooring used across segments (distinguish between public & private schools)
  • To understand the dynamics of supply chain and the decision making process (public bids, local decision making and the key person/designation) for school projects
  • List of major contractors and large upcoming projects
  • India has the third largest education system in the world which is divided broadly into formal -regulated by the government includes K-12 and higher education and Non formal - non regulated includes kindergarten, coaching classes, vocational segments
  • Qualitative (primary) survey was conducted with the potential stakeholders i.e. school authorities and architects/contractors to understand and identify opportunities across the value chain

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