Case Studies - ICT-Product-Case-2

Engineering & Construction
Latin American company operating in Telecom Sector

Leading Argentinian company providing Value Added Services and Applications for Corporate and Consumer markets to several Mobile Operators in the world.

Client Objectives
  • Client had no prior experience of the Indian market and wanted to know whether any market exists for its products and services
  • To explore opportunities and meet Mobile Operators in India to gauge demand potential
  • To identify potential channel partner(s), who can promote their products and services across India and provide first line technical support
T&A Approach & Scope of Work
Phase 1 – Partner Identification (Mobile Operators)
  • T&A conducted an in-depth research on the Mobile Value Added Services providers in India and prepared an exhaustive list of potential channel partners
  • T&A identified and contacted the key decision makers/influencers in MVAS department of several Mobile phone operators in India
  • Discussed client’s proposition to understand their interest and demand for such products in India
Phase 2 - Partner Identification (MVAS Players)
  • T&A shortlisted 60 MVAS players and identified contact details of key decision makers in each of these organizations
  • T&A further contacted each of the shortlisted organizations and held detailed discussions to gauge their suitability and initial interest in promoting client’s products in India
  • In Phase 1, T&A organized management meetings with 10 mobile operators during the client’s first visit to India
  • In Phase 2, T&A organized management meetings with 8 MVAS services providers during 2nd India visit of client’s senior management to discuss possible opportunities and level of collaborations
  • On-going discussion on key technical integrations between client and 3 potential partners in India
  • Client is also evaluating the possibility of setting up an office in India

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