Services Portfolio - India Sourcing

We provide procurement solutions for organizations aiming to source goods from India. "Procurement Solutions" may involve some or all of the following activities:
  • Identification and accreditation of key suppliers
  • Manufacture and approval of product samples
  • Finalization of contractual terms
  • Settlement of payment proceeds

Due to increased competition and high operating costs organizations are under pressure to look at alternative sources of supply to reduce costs. One way to achieve this is through sourcing from Low Cost Country (LCC) like India, which can assist organizations to achieve huge savings and stay competitive. However the challenge is to ‘build a supply chain’ which provides consistent quality at competitive prices. There still continue to be substantial differences in the ‘real world’ as against what appears on the "virtual world".

Organizations trying to source from India face certain issues:
  • Difficulty in determining the right sourcing strategy
  • Difficulty in verifying and evaluating local suppliers
  • Difficulty in communication due to Language/ cultural barriers
  • Difficulty in maintaining consistent quality expected by the organization
  • Difficulty in maintaining sourcing infrastructure in India including staff quality
  • Difficulty could be faced due to government interference and also in intellectual property protection

Among developing countries, India also has a significant labour cost advantage over other countries India has a strong engineering and capital goods base. Indian engineering industry is highly competitive with a number of players in each segment. The intense competition has led to Indian players developing improved capabilities that have made them more competitive. India has today become a reliable, technically competent, competitive and enterprising outsourcing option for many multinational companies in the manufacturing sector.

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