India-Brazil Fintech Conference in Mumbai on 23rd April, 2019

Posted: June 2019

With India and Brazil being two of the leading Fintech innovators and adopters in the developing world, while having similar demographic profiles, facing similar challenges with financial inclusivity and presenting complementary opportunities for frugal innovation, the idea behind the India-Brazil Fintech Conference was to bring the two Fintech communities together, to facilitate knowledge sharing, develop business opportunities, and foster long-term collaboration. 


The event was attended by over 100 high-profile stakeholders in the Fintech industry in India, including senior government officials, leading Fintech start-up founders, key policy makers and think-tank representatives, C-level executives from leading public and private sector banks and other financial service providers, venture capital investors and incubators/accelerators, and representatives from major consulting firms and other multipliers in the Fintech sector.


The panel discussions at the event covered a broad range of topics including fintech innovation, financial inclusion, role of the government and regulators in fostering the development of the fintech sector, opportunities and challenges in fintech adoption, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Blockchain, RegTech, and, Cyber Security, among others.